Concrete Rose

This was an amazing book that got me teary-eyed throughout. Years ago, I had also written my own version of Tupac’s “Concrete Rose.” Here’s mine:

Did you hear about the naysayers who discourage you from standing out?
Provin’ the general consensus wrong, I learned how to sound out the discouraging remarks all over my route
Funny it seems but, by immersing myself in the changemakers’ causes
I learned to take a stand and embrace the silent pauses
Long live solidarity amongst the belittled and afraid
When courage rises up,
No one else can take our fortitude and tenacity away
The hope that resides within us pushes us to seize each day

And as always, notable lines from Angie Thomas’ book:

“Living your life based off what other people think-
Ain’t living at all . ..”

“Parenting is hard, cuz. You gon’ break sometimes. The most important thing is that you pull yourself together and go back, playboy.”

“It’s kinda like how we have to do with ourselves. Get rid of things that don’t do us any good. If it won’t help the rose grow, you’ve gotta let it go . . .”

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