Love, Lashes, and Lipstick

Mally reminded me of how when I had to wear a back brace in high school, I cut off my undershirt to make it like a tube top so I could wear tube tops, halter dresses, etc. And when I had to wear an external fixator consisting of five thick needles in my leg for six months, I wore long skirts to cover them up when I could finally walk around without a walker or crutches. The list goes on. I guess I was already a fashionista in the making, and it did make me feel more beautiful!

Notable lines:

“You know how everyone is always talking about ‘Less is more’? . . . But for me, not so much. At least not when it comes to life. Maybe it’s because we never knew exactly when my mother’s last day was going to be. So you know what? We chose ‘more’ . . . We have so few minutes in this life. Suck them dry. Make the most out of them.”

“I’ve always believed that in order to do the best you can at your job, you have to feel good and look good.”

“Own who you are. Forget the haters. Don’t let them dull your shine. What may not be right for them could be right for you. Be you, and you win every time.”

“Inside every mother is a sexy mama. She deserves to be celebrated . . . I made a vow to get in the best shape of my life and feel like the most beautiful version of me . . . I wear heels to the grocery store. I want you to do whatever works for you.”

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