Jeong is a Korean word that is difficult to define, but Charlotte Cho defines it as “a deep and emotional connection with a person, place, or thing that builds over time and through shared experiences” in her book, “The Little Book of Jeong.”

I absolutely love Charlotte Cho, Soko Glam, her Then I Met You products, and her first book, “The Little Book of Skin Care.” This book reminded me of all the jeong I’ve experienced in my life, especially jeong for college, Korea, and loved ones. I didn’t realize the jeong I experienced when bowing to elders, fighting over paying the bill, talking to servers over Korean BBQ, watching dramas (VHS tapes!), and having miweon jeong. I also liked her advice, to not let jeong manipulate you to feeling indebted or pressured, but to instead set limits and stay firm. Her little tips (such as not flaking-totally agree!) to stir up jeong were helpful as well.

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