If I Had Your Face

Great story of several women who grow up in an orphanage and other dire circumstances yet try to make it through life by coping in various ways. I loved Kyuri’s story the best and wish more was revealed about Ara. These women are all strong in their own unique ways, despite battling a sexist and classist society which is definitely an issue worldwide.

Notable lines:

“Most people have no capacity for comprehending true darkness, and then they try to fix it anyway.”

“It’s not an original thought perhaps, but I think people watch so much TV because life would otherwise be unbearable.”

“Not having a kid to hurry home to, and not having his cries and tantrums and needs filling up every waking moment of my life-it leaves a lot of time for thinking and remembering conversations that should have happened, but did not.”

“ . . . insomnia is inevitable and permanent-once you get pregnant, you will never sleep again anyway. Even when the baby is sleeping you will still not be able to sleep and you will lose your mind.”

PS-There is a reference to flowers that last a year in here 😀

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