Poisoned Apples

Such a fantastic array of poems mirroring/responding to the typical fairy tales! I liked “Photoshopped Poem,” “Rapunzel,” “The Wicked Queen’s Legacy,” “You Go, Girl!”, “Blow Your House In,” and so much more.

Notable lines:

“It used to be just the one,
But now all mirrors chatter.
In fact, every reflective surface has opinions
On the shape of my nose, the size

Of my chest, the hair I was and brush
Until it’s so shiny I can see myself
Scribbling notes as each strand
Recommends improvements.”

“Today will be the day I refuse
To lift my head from this damp pillow,
Far away from the comb and the brush and the pleading
Bodies always luring me down.”

Also in the author’s note: “But here’s a great thing about stories: they can be retold.”

It’s all about rewriting our narratives as well. How will you look at your life from 2020 and change it up for 2021?

PS-I read 171 books in 2020…the most books I’ve read in a year in my life! It’s never too late to reach new goals 😀

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