This was an AMAZING book!! It captured so much about how it feels to assimilate, fit in at a new school, want your parents’ love, the aspects of rape culture, being believed…everything! I am also in AWE with how BRAVE Kelly Yang is. What a true inspiration!!

Notable lines:

“Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like? Moments of happiness punctured by the memory of what happened, like a bomb which can detonate at any time.”

“Do you still remember the thing I taught you about the hero’s journey? Well, this is it. You are the hero, and tomorrow you will find the strength to take back control of your journey.”

“It’s like looking into a mirror. How many times have I chosen the path that saves the most face? Pretended along and swallowed? The private solution may work, but it feels like shards of glass, cutting you up inside.”

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