Buddhist Thoughts

While I didn’t agree with everything in this book, I did gather many notable lines, including:

“It is a mistake to look at the strengths of others and conclude that we’re worthless. Often we don’t realize how powerful we are.”

“All things are impermanent. Everything, including our body, wealth, reputation, and relationships, will change. We also don’t keep these things when we die. Only our mind stays with us through life and death.”

“To live a comfortable and happy life, start by enriching your mind rather than blindly chasing after things. You will work yourself to death if you want everything. You will be happy in this life when you let go of desire . . . when desire is decreased, even if you sleep on the floor, you still feel happy. People rarely feel content when burning with desire.”

“No matter what, I hope I always fail, because only failure can trigger shame. If I become complacent because of my success, it will be disastrous.”

“Competition with others causes restlessness and keeps the majority of people in a state of anxiety . . . If our mind is preoccupied with competition, we unwittingly try to imitate others rather than focusing on our own unique skills. By going forward with focused effort, not measuring our progress against others or worrying about what our peers are doing, we can obtain our own genuine success.”

PS-This is a beautiful drawing a friend drew of me and cookie dough! 😀

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