The Lions of Fifth Avenue

This is such a great book for all library and book lovers out there!

Notable lines:

“She sat down in the big chair by the fire and cried. She cried for her boy, for her husband, for the life she’d imagined she’d be leading. For her arrogance at thinking she deserved more than she had. For the fact that she was willing to destroy a treasured piece of history if it helped keep her family together.”

“She wished they’d never moved into the library, that they’d stayed upstate, where life was simpler and none of them would have fallen victim to the temptations of the big city. Temptations like a career of her own, like Amelia. Like the rare books.”

“Learning how to be clear, to express what she was thinking without worrying it was wrong or stupid. To take up space and not apologize for it.”

PS-Ralph’s coffee is super cute and delicious!

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