Anna K

Who doesn’t love delving into the ritz and glamour of NYC? It’s something about these “Gossip Girl” type books that draws and captivates us. It’s enthralling to picture luxurious homes, fancy getaways and all types of drama among the young elite. And of course…all of the love triangles and angst that come with it!

I guess at heart, even as adults, we just want to hug that inner child inside of all of us. We want to dress up in outfits that we’d never wear in public, we want to get wasted and leave all our troubles aside while having a grand time with superficialities-we don’t always have to be so serious, after all. We want to project onto lavish characters and fantasize about impossible dreams because that, in essence, is what escaping into a good book is all about. I loved this twist on Anna Karenina, and how we’ve got some diverse representation! Read it and indulge yourself.

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