Tiny Beautiful Things

I watched an off-Broadway show on Cheryl Strayed’s “Tiny Beautiful Things” and was tearing up by how much the stories moved me.

These words pierced and comforted me greatly:
“. . . my grief is tremendous but my love is bigger. So is yours. You are not grieving your son’s death because his death was ugly and unfair. You’re grieving it because you loved him truly. The beauty in that is greater than the bitterness of his death . . . you have the power to withstand this story. We all do, though we all claim not to . . . your son hasn’t yet taught you everything he has to teach you. He taught you how to love like you’ve never loved before. He taught you how to suffer like you’ve never suffered before. Perhaps the next thing he has to teach you is acceptance. And the thing after that, forgiveness . . . you go on by doing the best you can. You go on by being generous. You go on by being true . . . Your mother would be proud of you . . . grief taught me things. It showed me shades and hues I couldn’t have otherwise seen. It required me to suffer. It compelled me to reach . . . create something of [her] . . . make it beautiful.”

Thank you, Sugar.

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