Seeing Ali Wong!

LOVED seeing Ali Wong in person for her book tour (also got to talk to her during Q&A time), and I’ve seen all her stand-up comedy shows and movie, “Always Be My Maybe”!

Of course, her book was amazing, as I knew it would be full of truth, humor and love. I was laughing and crying throughout.

I really appreciated how she kept it real with the insensitive comments toward her miscarriage, which in essence just blamed her (I think everyone can relate when trauma takes place, people just don’t know how to respond supportively many times). Loved how she called out “Bringing up Bebe” (yes, I read it too), the misconceptions pertaining to a stay at home life (“fuck your decompression” after work), and indeed, my “… cheapness goes out the window because you’re willing to spend any money necessary to save your sanity.”

Also loved all of her references to family, the difficult journeys of our immigrant parents, the adventures while studying abroad and the struggles that undoubtedly come while pursuing your dreams. Love you, Ali!

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