Bad Moms

Yup. That’s how I always feel every time I go out for a cup of coffee or cocktail, and people guilt trip me for being a “bad mom.” Let’s stop mom shaming and help a momma out.

I loved Sady Doyle’s “Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers.” It’s graphic, dark, terrifying…and yet all true.

Notable lines:

“She wants someone to see that she hurts, and that she is not lazy or negligent or selfish because she’s hurting.”

“That includes the possibility that we may not be happy in our maternal roles, or that we did not make our own mothers happy.”

“When mothers try to live the way our culture encourages us to, as almost literally selfless vehicles for others’ fulfillment, we become something else; something cold and hungry, something you wouldn’t want to see standing over your bed in the dark. The selfish desires we carry, expelled from our bodies and our self-concepts, roam the halls at night, howling for relief.”

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