Being Brave on International Women’s Day

I met Rose McGowan when I was an undergrad at UCI, and she came to speak about sexual assault. I was in awe of her courageous spirit back then, and I’m even more blown away by her fearlessness now. Thank you Rose, for sharing your story in “Brave,” and being a voice for those of us who have been conditioned to stay silent for so long.

Memorable lines (though there are far too many):

“I was also bequeathed the one thing that runs strongest in my family: a strong urge to destroy oneself. The phoenix that has to rise because life has turned to ashes. My life has ashed itself numerous times, more times than I can count.”

“If we raised our girls correctly and didn’t fill their heads full of fairy-tale weddings and Prince Charmings, full of beauty magazine bullshit advice about what a man wants . . . [we] wouldn’t fall into these dangerous situations. We could save a lot of lives.”

“I think politeness is a particular curse for girls and women.”


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