Lilly Singh-Straight Up Bawse


Lilly Singh is the epitome of a Bawse, which she defines as a true hustler who fights through the tough battles  and still manages to make others smile. When I heard that she was touring her book How to Be a Bawse in NYC at the 92Y, I jumped at the chance to meet her.

Not only did she give an AMAZING hour-long talk, but she made time to meet with every single one of us afterwards. One thing she told us was to let go of FOMO by creating a list of when FOMO wins and how it makes us feel, and when we choose to beat it and do other things with our time instead. It’s always tempting to seize every opportunity, but not every chance encounter leaves us feeling great about ourselves. She also advised us to schedule in time for inspiration (since we won’t always be motivated), be unapologetically ourselves (quit that negative self-talk), and make heads turn (through investing in our goals and staying present).

What I really appreciated about this event was getting to experience being in a room filled with hundreds of fans who were truly eager to learn from a great role model, comedian, entrepreneur and author. The positive vibes were real. Major #GirlLove as we all journeyed through Unicorn Island, what for a brief moment, together.


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