Linsanity Love

I’ve got so much love for Jeremy Lin. Not only is he a fellow Californian (shoutout to those in So Cal and the lovely bay area), but his struggles of making it to the NBA (after being stuck in the D-league several times) is inspiring. He also serves as a positive representation of an Asian American who was able to make it to the big leagues.

If you watch his “Linsanity” documentary, his YouTube channel (Jlin7) or read up on his interviews, you’ll see how humble, hardworking and encouraging he is to all the fellow dreamers out there.

So of course, when I heard that he was playing at the Barclays Center for the Brooklyn Nets, I knew I had to go see him. He’s currently injured, but I caught a few shots of him practicing. What I also caught was a misspelling of the word “aisle” when I was making my way back to my seat. So, I had to snap a quick picture and share it with you all here.

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